In our everyday lives, we often face situations where we develop cold feet at the eleventh hour. The most common occurrences of cold feet are usually before an academic test/examination, presentation before superiors/strangers/prospective clients. Even the simplest personal situations like a doctor’s appointment can bring out the worst case of cold feet along with a sweaty outbreak in many people.

There are many ways to explain this sudden appearance of nervousness and cold feet, but they can be easily summarized into three words – “lack of confidence”. People who have won accolades for their personal and professional accomplishments are not immune to a nervous outbreak just before an important meeting or presentation. Let us examine the 3 main CONFIDENCE KILLERS and see how they can be turned into CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS.

FAILURE/FLOPPING – The fear of failure is one of the main reasons why the world is filled to the brim with boat-loads of undiscovered talent and untapped potential. People are afraid of venture out of their comfort zones because they are afraid of failure while trying something completely new and never attempted before. Many abstain from trying out a new hobby/art/sport because they are afraid they will not excel in it.

BOOSTER – Failure is a stepping stone to success. For every failed attempt, you have learnt a new lesson and a new mistake which you can avoid in the future. Mistakes and failed attempts only make you emotionally and professionally stronger.

SHADOWS FROM THE PAST– Few people manage to put past failures behind and give something a second try. But memories from past failures usually end up restraining from initiating this second attempt thus warding off any probability of success.

BOOSTER – Mistakes in the past are like a dream and they are not going to become a reality once again. Once the areas for improvement have been clearly understood then thoughts of past mistakes will fail to intimidate you.

DISCOURAGEMENT/DETRIMENTAL REMARKSWords cut deeper wounds than daggers. Discouraging remarks made by family, friends and colleagues can have a devastating effect on morale and it can deter them from making any new initiatives or attempts towards self-improvement or development. A lot of people lose confidence in their field of expertise when they encounter discouraging or detrimental comments about themselves.

BOOSTER – People who provide negative criticism are usually those who are incapable of doing anything right. Jealousy and insecurity are by-products of their incapability. These negative traits prompt them to make negative comments to deter the confidence of others who have the capability and expertise to do a much better job.

Once your confidence gets a boost, the world is yours to conquer and nothing can stop you. Your confidence is your biggest weapon that should never leave you since it will enable you to scale greater heights.


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