“To err is human” goes the oft-repeated saying that we keep hearing at various stages in our life. Yet we find it extremely difficult to admit that we have “erred” or made a mistake. Most of our lives are populated by mistakes in different forms at various stages. They can be broadly classified as: Saying something wrong Doing something wrong Following the wrong path Thinking in the wrong direction While some mistakes might have a short-term impact, others might have a long-term impact on our future. But first let’s try to understand why it is so difficult for us to … Continue reading CONFIDENTLY ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE


In our everyday lives, we often face situations where we develop cold feet at the eleventh hour. The most common occurrences of cold feet are usually before an academic test/examination, presentation before superiors/strangers/prospective clients. Even the simplest personal situations like a doctor’s appointment can bring out the worst case of cold feet along with a sweaty outbreak in many people. There are many ways to explain this sudden appearance of nervousness and cold feet, but they can be easily summarized into three words – “lack of confidence”. People who have won accolades for their personal and professional accomplishments are not … Continue reading TURN CONFIDENCE KILLERS INTO CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS