Humans fear criticism more than cancer. The dictionary defines criticism as a form of expressing disapproval regarding something living or non-living. People criticize others or get criticized regarding their work, lifestyle, habits and many other things. The ability of a person to handle criticism is a big determinant of their future. Criticism can be classified in two ways: CONSTRUCTIVE – Opinions expressed with the right intention and presented in the right manner that encourage a person to aim for self-improvement. DESTRUCTIVE – Opinions improperly expressed that denigrate and discourage a person from doing something out-of-the-ordinary or improving themselves. While constructive … Continue reading CONFIDENTLY HANDLING CRITICISM


As mothers, we aim and dream about raising completely perfect children who are successful, talented, well-behaved. All these dreams take shape even before we have laid eyes on that little bundle of joy or realized that we haven’t thought about the many different steps that come before achieving that goal. In fact, we have no idea about what it takes to raise a child. Motherhood is the vast ocean into which expectant mothers take a giant, blind leap without the most essential piece of equipment, CONFIDENCE. Children emulate their mothers since moms are the usual caregivers. If the mother appears … Continue reading CONFIDENT MOM CONFIDENT CHILD


Confidence is a crucial component in the recipe for success in life. Our confidence grows as we progress through life and achieve the appropriate goals at every milestone. Confidence in abundance usually transforms into arrogance that is detrimental to success in future. Arrogance otherwise known as overconfidence closes our minds and prevents us from absorbing any new information /inputs or any form of corrective and constructive feedback that can contribute towards future improvement. Building confidence is progressive while arrogance or over confidence is regressive. In order to prevent the transformation of confidence into arrogance, let us follow the ARROGANCE CONTROL … Continue reading BUILD CONFIDENCE CURTAIL ARROGANCE


Stammering or stuttering is one of the most common yet one of the most unknown issues encountered by people when they communicate. Many people from different parts of the world and from different walks of life encounter this obstacle while communicating. Some parents are able to spot this obstacle during the early years of communication in their child but it is an issue which lies largely ignored in most people. Once the issue has been identified, the most common course of action is engaging the services of an experienced speech therapist who will prescribe a routine of verbal exercises after … Continue reading CONFIDENTLY COMMUNICATING DESPITE STAMMERING


Conversational or verbal communication is an integral part of the everyday life of people of all age groups and nationalities. In our personal lives, verbal communication enables us to express our opinions and feelings while in our professional lives, we use it to fulfil our responsibilities on the job. Knowledge is power. But a knowledgeable conversation devoid of confidence is equivalent to the complete absence of any conversation at all. During a discussion or debate, a well-prepared and confidently delivered point or argument goes a long way in steering the discussion in your favour. A majority of people are unable … Continue reading CONQUERING BARRIERS TO CONFIDENT CONVERSATION


Decision-making is an integral part of the life of every person regardless of age, experience or profession. Even a toddler takes a decision every day about which toy he would like to play with or decide whether he is tired of playing with the same toy every day and wants to try something new. Routine decisions are taken about everyday matters while some decisions can have a significant impact on our lives. Decisions regarding our personal or professional lives are usually life-changing and they decide the course of the rest of our lives. Confronting available choices while making decisions is … Continue reading THINK DIFFERENT AND BE CONFIDENT

Confidence to succeed outside the comfort zone

A craving for success gives birth to ambition in our lives. Every person is born programmed to succeed in certain specific avenues. Years of exploration and introspection will unearth hidden talent which needs to be appropriately channelised towards success. But the sweet fruit of success can be tasted only by those who are willing to cross the boundaries of comfort and conventions. As we progress through life, we understand our likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. An understanding of these different facets creates a comfort zone where we only perform tasks and activities where the results can be guaranteed and the … Continue reading Confidence to succeed outside the comfort zone